Upcoming Humanitarian Trips

Join us in 2015 on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic where our team of volunteers will provide free dental and medical care to impoverished children and their caregivers. We also have multiple humanitarian construction trips to finish construction on our new Community of Hope Clinic in the DR! We are always looking for volunteers to contribute time, talents, and much-needed funds.

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Estimated Trip Cost: flight+hotel+food (usually between $600 and $1300)

We are looking for:

Construction Workers, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nurses (RN/LPN), Medical Residents, Dentists, Medical/Dental Students, Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Photographers, Videographers, and Interpreters (Haitian Creole & Spanish)

Please contact us at info@liftalife.org for more information. Join with us in making a difference!


See what some previous trip members have said:

“I believe that my involvement with IASK has not only blessed the lives of others but also made me a better member of the human race. I care more about my fellow man; I care more about the environment; and I care more about those under my care.”
Jeff Abram

“My experience in Haiti was with wonderful people who have been through more heartache, pain and loss than anyone should have to endure in a lifetime. I spent the majority of my time working at a medical clinic set up outdoors under tarps adjacent to the American hospital. People sat patiently for hours in the heat to be seen. Haiti will need an enormous amount of help for a long time to come to begin to resume any kind of return to normalcy. I hope that as time goes on that the world doesn’t lose interest in a people that needs and deserves our love and support. It was a privilege and honor to work with the Haitian people and I hope in the future to have other such opportunities.”
Dr. Michael Hess
IASK volunteer, 2010 Haiti earthquake relief team